Making: 2016 so far.

I thought I’d share some of the projects and fun I’ve been up to in 2016 so far! It’s about to get really picture heavy below since I’ve spent a lot more time making than sharing on my website but better late than never!

This has been a busy, busy year full of lots of order filling, teaching as well as learning new techniques and skills. We’re half way through 2016 and I’ve been really happy with the balance of things so far for this year. You guys continue to enjoy adding my silk screen pennants to your homes and shops and giving them as gifts! I’ve been able to explore lots of new leather projects, creating a few new products and making quite a few custom orders! In addition to my keychains and leather jewelry items I’ve been teaching myself how to make leather bags and leather wallets. The wallets have really taken off as I get better and better with my tooling and assembling them together. It’s very satisfying to make something that is well crafted and beautifully decorated that someone will use and carry with them for quite a while. I love the bridge between function and art.

I haven’t been doing many of the spring and summer craft shows but as the holidays approach I’m sure I’ll apply to a few to see if I can share my things with all of you for holiday gift giving. You can always order my things in the shop on my website until then!

We’ve traveled quite a bit this year; a fun trip to Big Sur/Carmel for our anniversary, an interesting trip to a leather workers conference in Arizona, I had a great time teaching and learning at Craftcation, we went out to Joshua Tree and the desert a few times plus that great trip to Mexico City (check out my previous post for more details!) earlier this month. I drive my husband a little crazy with how much I love to go see and do things. He does as well but he also values time at home to get house projects done and enjoy exploring the city right beyond our doorstep. We make a good balance that way!

We also celebrated our puppy Zeus’ first birthday! He’s doing great and we continue to love all the fun and snuggles he brings to our lives. We got him a birthday Bark Box, had a doggie party for him at our local dog park with a bunch of his Frenchie friends and generally continue to spoil him adorably.

Here’s some photos! I hope the rest of 2016 continues to be as fun and enjoyable at the first half!

2016 recap 01 Miriam Dema

Zeus enjoying the view along the way to Big Sur.

2016 recap 02 Miriam Dema

The first fold over bag and bill fold wallet I made earlier this year.

2016 recap 04 Miriam Dema

Learning new skills at the leather conference I went to.
Skills I’ve put to much use since then!

2016 recap 05 Miriam Dema

Zeus checking out the handmade bells at Arcosanti on our Arizona trip to the leather conference.

2016 recap 07 Miriam Dema

West Elm continues to stock my pennants at their stores across California as part of their Local program.
Here’s a pic from the store in Emeryville when they got a fresh batch in.

2016 09 Miriam Dema

Some of the finished projects from my workshops at Craftcation! We had such fun!
Can’t wait till next year!

2016 recap 09 Miriam Dema

2016 recap 08 Miriam Dema

Leather dog leashes and collars made their debut at Artwalk and on my site.
I tested these out with our pup and they are sturdy and elegant and will last for years.
They are all hand stamped and made with extremely strong 100% brass hardware.

2016 recap 11 Miriam Dema

One of the recent additions to my line of leather Squash Blossom Necklaces.
This style is natural oiled leather that will darken and wear in beautifully.

2016 10 recap Miriam Dema

That crazy monkey of ours on his first birthday!
Here he is eating his birthday cookie and loving every second.

2016 recap 13 Miriam Dema

A custom pennant order that off to a client in Bozeman Montana!
I love when I get to make a fun new way for people to celebrate a place they love.

2016 17 recap Miriam Dema

Another of my Squash Blossom Necklaces. This style is a bit more simple with a tie in the back and made out of a softer flexible leather. I’ve enjoyed exploring different styles and designs through the iconic Squash Blossom form. I try to honor the tradition and history while still making it my own!

2016 recap 10 Miriam Dema

Two custom billfold wallets. I’m so happy with how these have evolved and I continue to learn new things about making them. Each time I sit down to draw the design, tool the design, hand paint them and then take it all the way to the finishing steps I get a better understanding of the materials and my tools. They are very challenging but very rewarding.

2016 recap 12 Miriam Dema

A smaller “easier” stamped and painted card case. Loving this basket stamp still!

2016 recap 14 Miriam Dema

Then I took a trip to fringe town and LOVED it! I made this bag and it took me hours to cut all that fringe but it was totally worth it.

2016 recap 16 Miriam Dema

Two more wallets, these in a checkbook/passport style. These hold quite a bit more than the billfold style which makes them great for traveling! All of the wallets have my drawings on them – learning to translate my drawings from my mind to paper and then bringing it to life on the leather is challenging and rewarding. I love using the landscape of where we live as inspiration – cactus, starry nights and things I discover in the woods all filter in!

2016 recap 17 Miriam Dema

That’s it for now, thanks for checking out what I’ve been up to!

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