Love: Craftcation workshops!

Hey there! Welcome to a little 2016 news. Hasn’t the year sped by so far, it’s been crazy! I’ve been keeping busy with filling orders in my shop and lots of wholesale orders as well as a little travel, learning and working on some new products. You can always follow along on Instagram for the latest and greatest. It’s the place you’ll find me most often these days. I’m @miriamdema over there as well as posting for our cutie Frenchie Zeus @ZeusKingofFrenchies. He’s a pretty good distraction.

Next month is the Craftcation Conference in Ventura and this year I’ll be teaching a few workshops at the conference! I’m really excited about sharing the projects we’ll be making at Craftcation as well as getting to see tons of awesome friends and makers from the handmade community.  Here are some pics from the workshops I’ll be teaching. I’ve been getting everything together and all ready which has also been fun.

miriam dema biz card holder 2016

We’ll be making this cute business card holder in “Leather Business Card Holder”. One of the fun things about Craftcation is all the awesome business cards that attendees dream up to exchange and keep track of each other. This will be a fun way to store your own cards and exchange with others. I’ve gotten all the leather ready, the thread and needles. We’ll focus on learning how to stitch leather together by hand and a little bit of quick stamping techniques. Stitching leather by hand can open up a world of possibilities of making things with leather – it’s a pretty simple technique but once you know how you can start putting things together in a strong, sturdy fashion that you can’t sew with a home sewing machine.

miriam dema bracelet class 2016

The second leather workshop I’ll be teaching is a more focused on leather stamping ” Leather Bracelet: Stamping and finishing techniques”. I’ve taught this class a number of times now and everyone always loves learning the process of leatherwork as well as ending up with a finished project. We’ll go over the kind of leather you need, how the stamps and impressions work as you add them up and the finishing techniques.

miriam dema pennant class 2016

-If I wasn’t busy enough with the leather workshops I’ll also be teaching 2 sewing classes. One where we make a custom lettered pennant out of wool felt and a second where we make a pair of slippers out of a upcycled wool sweater that has been felted. I love working with wool so I’m looking forward to both of these classes as well.

miriam dema slippers class 2016

If you’re coming to Craftcation I’ll see you there! If you’re interested in hosting workshop at your store or workshop space let me know or email, I’ll be adding some details about that to my site soon!

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