Making: Custom Pennants are Here!

I’m excited to share that in addition to my full line of hand made silkscreened pennants you can now order individual one of a kind custom pennants in my shop!miriamdema custom pennant 2015I’ve been asked a ton for something like this to be available but it took me a bit of time to wrap my head around how to do it in a way that worked for the process of making one of something instead of a big batch. For my full line of pennants I still silkscreen them in large batches and will continue to do so. Often at least 50 at a time! I also still offer custom silkscreened pennants that are perfect for shops to have made for their town or region! Because I love screen printing it was natural for me to design my line of pennants to be made in this fashion. It’s also the way that many original souvenir road side pennants were made.miriamdema custom pennant with pennantsI’ve been crazy busy with shows and wholesale orders (and this adorable new puppy sleeping on my feet) but I really want to sit down and try different things and see what would work. I really wanted to be able to say yes instead of no when individual customers wanted a pennant for their business or kids room! After some trial and error and teaching myself how to appliqué with a consistent and steady hand I felt I was happy with the way things were turning out so I decided to offer it in my shop and see how it goes!

Each pennant is hand made with hand cut letters that are then sewn onto the felt one at a time. You can choose between 2 different fonts as well as choose the color of your pennant and the word you want it to say. These would be perfect to celebrate any special occasion in your life. For a gift or to add a special place or thought in pennant form to your walls! Honestly, I can’t wait to see what folks will ask for on their pennants!miriamdema custom pennant detail 2Here’s a close up of the detail work! Each letter is secure and thoroughly attached. No spray glue or iron on adhesive in these babies, they are all sewn! I made a few different ones to give folks a good idea of what their finished product would look like.miriamdema custom pennant zeus and neverlandHere are the colors you can order the custom one of a kind pennants in! Head over to my shop to check out the details and order one yourself!miriamdema-pennant-colors custom

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