Love: Summertime fun!

Hey there! It’s been awhile! No excuses here, just having fun and enjoying the summer. Oh wait…there is something else. We got a puppy!  That accounts for a little bit of the quiet around here, who wants to blog when you could be out exploring the world and sniffing all the new things you’ve never smelled before???

Here’s the little monkey, his name is Zeus and we’re having a fun time getting used to his schedule (6am!) and trying not to feed him too many treats. He’s been great fun so far and a welcome addition to our family. If you want to see more pics of him go ahead and follow me over on Instagram, I shamelessly post far too many photos of him and our adventures. miriamdema-zeus-2015

miriamdema-zeus-2-2015I’ve also been busy with wholesale and retail orders as well some new teaching that I’m doing which has been really fun. I’m teaching a Leather Stamping and Tooling workshop at Sew LA here in Los Angeles. We’ve had one class and there are 2 remaining classes, the second is already sold out but there is still room at the last class on October 9th! If you’ve ever wanted to learn leather stamping and tooling and the process of getting designs onto leather I would really recommend checking it out. That’s not just because I’m teaching it, we cover all the basics of the various tools and how the process works- it’s a really packed class with lots of info and you end up with a great project. I’m really honored that SewLA asked me to be a part of their team of teachers. I’m also looking forward to taking the class on the road to other places and continuing to share the knowledge I’ve learned with others. If you have a place that hosts workshops and classes shoot me an email or expect to hear from me soon! Teaching is new for me but I’ve been sharing process and skills with folks for years so it’s been great to take it to the next more organized level of putting together a class, sourcing the tools and having the right materials. Can’t wait to do more! 

Here’s a shot of some of the work we’re doing in the class and some of the students from the last class. The link for the last class is here –> Sew LA

miriam dema leather class 2015I’ll also be at West Elm this Saturday August 22nd for a pop-up event with my pennants and smaller prints. There will be a great selection of hand made goods to choose from, come by and say hi!

11825574_457091664459272_3587682443951670218_nSaturday August 22nd 1pm-5pm
West Elm Los Angeles
8366 Beverly Blvd
Los Angeles CA 90048

Have a great rest of the summer everyone!

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