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A few days after Unique was over in May my husband and I hopped on a flight bound for a week in Barcelona! We had a great time exploring the city and visiting with friends who were also in Spain at the same time.

For longer stays in one place I really prefer to stay in an apartment and have a great home base. Having a kitchen, comfy living room and hopefully some sort of balcony or large windows to enjoy the views of the city we are visiting is a great way to get away and enjoy a new place. Above is the view from our apartment, located along one of the many beautiful tree lined avenues in the L’Elxample. We had an easy time settling in and enjoying what Barcelona had to offer. Since I’m so busy at home with various projects and jobs one of the things I really enjoy being able to do on vacation is chill out a bit and draw. I travel with a tiny watercolor kit so I can try to capture a bit of the surrounding colors while I’m there.


Right away we got out and started exploring the city. Lot’s of fun streets to wonder and check out filled with shops, historic details and fun things to see.


We mostly stayed in Barcelona except for a day trip up to see the Dali’ Theatre-Museum in Figures which is about 2 hours north of Barcelona by train. It was totally worth the trip to get there (some train mishaps, rainy weather and an other wise uninspiring town). Here’s the view from one of the upper floors looking across at the installations. There was *a lot* to see and it was pretty crowded with French school children. We really enjoyed it though, so many Dali’ pieces to examine! A lot of them are even coin operated automats for a Euro. Next door is also the Dali’ Jewels which is breathtaking – the surrealist jewelry is really something to behold all together.


Another fun highlight of our trip was a lunch we had at a restaurant Disfrutar. Comprised of a 25+ course tasting menu- most of the courses one or two bites of molecular gastronomy. The meal was amazing! So many interesting flavors and presentations. It’s also quite affordable for the experience they provide. If you are making a trip to Barcelona and enjoy trying different things I really recommend making reservations.


The rest of our time in the city of Barcelona we spent a lot of time exploring all of the various Gaudi buildings. From private homes not open to tour that we lurked outside of taking pics to La Sagrada Familia which is AMAZING, Park Guell and a number of other buildings. We took tours when we could, took a million pictures and you had to drag me out of La Sagrada Familia. I now have a life goal of returning to Barcelona when the cathedral is further along to see how it has evolved.


Inside of La Sagrada. The beauty of the building and the construction noise competing for your attention at the same time is quite something. The light inside is just amazing.


Tile for days at Park Guell- all of the patterns broken up and mashed back together.


Night tour of La Pedrera. They use projectors to create a beautiful light show on the roof of the building. Tripping across the roof in the dark while fantastic scenes of the sea flicker across the smooth tile of the chimneys was quite an experience.


We spent quite a bit of time wandering our neighborhood and looking up. The facades of the buildings were a distraction for sidewalk safety and we weren’t the only ones.


One more shot of Park Guell looking back down at the city of Barcelona.


Because I almost never take selfies here’s one of our favorite things to do on vacation. Drink coffee and cake while drawing or reading in sweet little cafes and a semi blurry pic of us riding the elevator back up to the flat after a long day of exploring.


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