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Love: Festivals and Brewery Artwalk

miriamdema cochella caterpillar 2015Coachella 2015 is in full effect right now.  A fun addition to the regular festival scene is the large scale art installations that dot the landscape of the polo fields at Coachella. My fella and I headed out for the first weekend of the festival to help out our friends with one of those large scale art pieces. Our friends, Poetic Kinetics have been building giant movable sculptures for years. Last year they built a giant astronaut that surfed the crowds at Coachella.  This was the first time we had the opportunity to see first hand what goes into one of their large scale installations. Both of us have contributed to or built large scale art out on desert lake beds but watching our friends navigate the speed in which the project had to be put together as well as the various challenges of the site was an impressive feat. To say nothing of the skill and craft it takes to build a giant caterpillar and butterfly that are mobile in a crowd of thousands.

miriamdema coachella butterfly 2015

There are lots more images that I took up on Instagram and be sure to click on the hash tags in the pics to see even more shots of the sculptures! If you’re out at Coachella for weekend two be sure to stop by and let them know how beautiful their work is!

miriamdema coachella 2015

Next weekend I’ll be at The Brewery Artwalk with all of my artwork and designs. I’ll have prints, pennants and some of the new leather craft pieces. Be sure to plan some time to come by for a visit and check out all of the awesome studios.  I’ll be in Theory Labs as usual, the big red door straight back from the cafe.

The Brewery Artwalk
April 25 & 26 11am -6pm
2100 North Main Street, Los Angeles, CA 9003

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