Making: Winter progress

The holidays can feel so busy! With shows and holiday gatherings and lots of things to make and sell for gifting it can seem non stop. The “slow season” after the holidays can feel like a slump or a let down in some ways but I’ve been making things long enough to know that this is the time when I should most dig in and get busier. That’s what I’ve been doing, I’ve been working on some new pennant designs, filling out and expanding the leather work I’ve been doing and drawing up a storm. Ah, and I also pulled the trigger on a brand new addition to the “team” a heavy duty industrial walking foot sewing machine. I can sew through much thicker materials and I can’t wait to see where it takes me.

miriamdema projects in progress 2015

Here are a few things from the studio in progress, I’ll have more to share soon of the finished pieces.

miriamdema in progress 2015 2

One thing already up in my shop is a small mini print to celebrate the new year. Made from a hand cut stencil featuring a Ram to celebrate the new year with twin moons and diamond stars. Check it out if you want one!

miriamdema ram print 2015

year of ram 3 miriam dema 2015I’ve also started a fun new series on Instagram of cactus and landscape shapes from our neighborhood made into kaleidoscope shapes. It’s just a little part of what I share on Instagram every day, feel free to follow me there and check out more images of what I’m making.

miriamdema cactus magic 2015

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