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Going: Mexico for the Holiday’s

miriamdema playa del carmen 2015

This year for Christmas and my birthday on December 24th my fella and I decided to skip town to Mexico! and we had such a good time! After a busy winter of handmade shows and busy times at our audio business it was a welcome break from work and the slightly chilly weather of Southern California. We flew into Cancun and stayed a week in the beach side town of Playa del Carmen. We ate lots of tacos, went on a number of day trips and explored our hearts out in the Yucatan Peninsula. The light and color was beautiful, like any new place- the light was like no light I’ve ever seen. Bright, warm, humid…while sharp and clear at the the same time as it was a bit frayed and gritty around the edges.

It’s a beautiful region to visit and I would love to go back and explore more. A few of our trips included visiting cenotes which are natural swimming holes formed in the limestone, climbing the mayan ruin pyramid at Coba and venturing to Tulum for more beachy relaxation. We also had a fun day at a local eco-park snorkeling and enjoying natural wildlife. There was beautiful street art that I took a ton of pictures of, lots of inspiration in the patterns and designs.

It was a truly inspiring trip based on the amount of drawing and research I’ve been doing since we’ve been home!

Here are a few more images from our trip- if you want to check out more click on this link for a link to be able to see the whole set that I posted to Instagram as we traveled along. Or go directly to instagram and type in the hashtag #sandybeachchristmas

miriamdema cenote 2015A cenote swimming hole outside of Tulum

miriamdema coba 2015Climbing the mayan ruins at Coba

miriamdema street art 2015Wonderful street art full of shapes and patterns and colors.

miriamdema tulum 2015Looking at the Tulum Ruins, right on the beach side cliffs. So beautiful.

I can’t wait to go and do more exploring in Mexico. I know I say that about every place we visit…but something about the color and light was so intense and intriguing. Plus, those beaches such a close flight away from Los Angeles can’t be beat!

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