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Here we go! One last handmade show left for us in 2014!

This Saturday December 13th and Sunday December 14th I’ll be at Renegade Los Angeles from 10am-5pm at Grand Park in downtown Los Angeles. I’ll have all of the pennants, a nice selection of hand dyed and hand printed scarves as well as hand pulled screen prints. If you still have holiday shopping I highly recommend coming to check out this show! I will be at booth 8, along the outer wall bordering 1st Street.

I’ve been selling at Renegade Los Angeles since the very first one in the summer of 2010 and I’m super excited to be a part of this years winter holiday show! The line up is full of awesome makers. I know so many of the amazing makers from this years show I wanted to a little round up of some of the great things you can come and check this year! The event is free to attend and there will be food trucks. I also recommend walking over to the Grand Central Market to have some lunch, super tasty!

Art, Print and fun things for the home:

Hi Tree Tina creates a whole forest of creatures made out of wool felt- from pillows, pincushions and plush toys. All of her trees are absolutely adorable.

Ink+Smog  Rosemary and Robin will be there with their great selection of Los Angeles streets inspired cards and prints.

Mome Rath Garden Meagan has a beautiful line of hand drawn illustrations inspired by vintage anatomy and nature.

My Only Regrets Guys, we bought some of these awesome mugs last year and I took one of them to a gift exchange- it was one of the highly fought over items. Seriously, click on the link to check out their awesome designs.

Little Friends of Printmaking they make art, it will make you laugh. Check it!

Unurth Jenn makes a beautiful line of hand crafted ceramics. She teased me with the possibility of trade this past weekend at Unique. Don’t you worry that I will stalk her until we can settle up 🙂

Yellow House Handmade If I need a card, this is the first place I would stop. Simple, elegant- often more than just a card. Erin has a really great style and fellow love of California and Los Angeles!

Wearables and Jewelry:

Abstract Graph Designs will have a selection of scarves and other awesome things printed with her graph paper inspired drawings. I love that her designs start with something so simple and look so complex.

Chime jewelry makes earrings and other jewelry out of drum cymbals. I bought a pair of these years ago and I still love wearing them. They make a delightful sounds as they clink and chime against each other.

Delusions of Grandeur makes easy casual wearable jewelry in fun geometric shapes and bright colors.

ERS Creative adorable animals for your fingers, yes please! I love my cast bear ring by Eilen, her forest creatures will bring a smile to your face.

L. Makai, Lauren is the mind behind the Commuter Collection- jewelry that makes the freeways of Los Angeles into a fun wearable. You can create your dream commute in a necklace.

Mansfield Lingerie creates a beautiful line of  hand made lingerie and loungewear for your lady friends.

Nikki Montoya Nikki makes great jewelry basics that I wear all of the time, I own some great brass bangles and a fun snake ring I just picked up at this past RenegadeSF.

Rebe makes beautiful comfortable dresses and other separates. I love that all of her dresses have pockets!

Things that smell good:

Bunny Butt Apothecary I’m addicted to their Sucre Bleu Whipped Cream. It smells like sugar and vanilla and spice….I want to swim in it! But I’ll settle for smelling like a yummy dessert.

Outlaw Soaps Soaps for people who like the way it smells outside! Danielle and Russ make some damn good smelling soaps. They’ll be visiting from the far off lands of Oakland, come check out their soaps in person! (Side note, she’s how I met my awesome fella so I’m a bit partial- go buy her soap 🙂

PF Candle Co. I swear this time I’ll go visit them as soon as the sale starts so I can get in on the full selection of scents. These guys make a stellar candle in amazing scents. Get there early as they do sell out!

If I missed you in the round up I’m sorry, it’s such a huge list of awesome makers!

Grand Park
200 N. Grand Park Ave between Broadway and Spring Street
This show is free to attend
here are some more details if you need them: crafts, food trucks, parking and metro info
Renegade LA

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