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Making: Renegade San Francisco re-cap

Big thanks to all our friends who came to visit us a Renegade San Francisco! and to all of our new friends it was awesome to meet you!  My fella came with me for this show so it was great to have a helper to load in and set everything up. Huge thanks to him for all the hard work he put in helping me! Here’s a pic of the booth set up, I’m always working out new ways to take advantage of space and hopefully make everything look nice.

miriamdema-renegadeSF-2014 I was super excited that even with a short amount of time before the show I was able to make 3!!! new pennant designs to share in San Francisco! As a bay area native- born in San Francisco and raised in the East Bay there was no way I could visit and not represent with some local pride!

First up is a San Francisco pennant in cream felt. I did a little graphic drawing of a cable car for this one, I wanted something simple but still hints at one of the many things that makes San Francisco awesome. Of course, I remember rides on the cable cars through out my childhood. Because they are beautiful and fun we used to take cross town trips on them fairly regularly. When I was a kid the cable cars were the only street cars in SF, the ones on the waterfront and Market weren’t there so riding all the way up front and going up and over the hills was a childhood joy!

I lived in Oakland for many years and that time will always hold a special place in my heart. The tree logo is the original logo for the city and you can find it used through out the city- on street signs and altered in various ways to represent the city. I saw that the city recently changed the tree logo and I gotta say the original one is far superior and much preferred. Maybe someone should start a campaign to restore the original logo!

Last but not least, at Artwalk this fall a gentleman remarked that I “should make a Beer pennant to go with my Whiskey pennant”. I don’t always listen to random suggestions but this one was too good to pass up! I made a little drawing based on various beer mugs we have in our house. I wanted the mugs to look just as funny and a bit silly as the whiskey jug so I added a little drunkin lear on the bottom of the mugs. I like that they look like they are having a silly beer fueled conversation!
miriamdema-sanfrancisco-beer-oakland-2014All of these will be up in my Etsy shop and I’m excited to share that you can find the pennants at a few shops in the Bay Area now. Go visit them before the holiday rush!

Gather San Francisco, CA  California Pennants in stock

Jackson & Polk San Francisco, CA  California and a selection of others in stock

The Garage – Fairfax, CA – shipping California out this week

I’ll be super busy getting ready for Unique LA and Renegade LA in a few weeks, have a great Thanksgiving Holiday everyone!

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