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miriamdema all seeing hand 2014 wall shot

Artwalk at The Brewery is in a few weeks so I’ve been working on a few new wall pieces to share with everyone there.  I’m excited with how these turned out and happy to share them with you. More info below on the dates for Artwalk!

This has a been a super busy year with making of all sorts of things- prints have taken a bit of the back burner but that doesn’t stop the ideas from percolating. I had the idea of making this print sometime mid-last year and it took a bit of time before I was able to get to it.  While doing some research about anatomy and symbols I came across a reference to the Hamsa and my first name. I had been considering doing a hand print but learning that the ancient symbol of the Hamsa – with its mirror fingers and magical eye centered in the palm is also referred to as Miriam’s hand or the hand of God brought the whole idea together in my head.

While I’ve had a lot of people from a lot of different cultures exclaim over my name through the years this was the first time I had come across that particular reference. My own interest in vintage illustrations and anatomical drawings had me spending some time flipping through old books and drawings I have collected. When I came across an image of exposed musculature on a hand I knew using that as a jumping off point was the direction I wanted to go in by adding the eye and some other fun details. Screenprinting can still be a bit of a challenge for me and this print was no different, I tried a new screen for the background fade and woo! was it a challenge to get that gradient fade to come out “right”. I also wanted the print to have a bit of accidental vibe to it or as if the hand had ‘appeared’ on the background so I decided to offset the greeny yellow layer. Adding the final layer of white radiant lines with a steel glitter overlay really brought the composition together.

Making big prints can sometimes be the most enjoyable and challenging when I’m not quite sure how they will turn out when I start them. I tend to design only to a point in photoshop and then let a bit of “magic” happen in the studio when mixing and choosing the colors and deciding on how the layers will go down and come together. This approach is certainly not for everyone…and sometimes it goes horribly wrong…but I like that this way I learn things as I go and challenge myself in new directions.
miriamdema all seeing eye detail 2014

Recently I’ve only been printing my work in a 16 x 20 format. I really like this size and I love that it’s a great, easy frame for my customers to pick up practically anywhere. But…I know that can be a tad big for a lot of walls so I like to make a few smaller prints that I refer to as mini-prints. Perfect for smaller walls in homes and great for office spaces. The mini prints are all 5 x 7, also an easy size to get a frame and easy to put a bunch together on a wall to create a larger opposition. I printed the “All Seeing Hand” in a dark charcoal gray on a heavy board- both the right and left hands are represented in the mini-print! I think these would look great framed and hung on either side of a door or other larger framed wall piece.

miriamdema twin hands 2014

Here’s a bit more info on the Hamsa: In Judaism, the symbol bears no connotation to Islam but is used for the same purpose – an amulet against the evil eye. In Jewish tradition, the Hamsa Hand is believed to help banish evil or any negative energy and bless its owners with luck and good fortune. The Hebrew commonly keeps the Semitic name, Hamsa, but it is also known by its alternative names, Hamesh hand (like hama in Arabic , means five), Miriam’s hand or the hand of God. Miriam is the older sister of Moses and Aaron, and has a significant role in the story of Exodus. Kabbalists see the five fingers as representing the five books of the Torah.

All of these prints are up for sale in my Etsy shop!

miriamdema twin hands in frame 2014
miriamdema seeing eye print 2014

Artwalk at The Brewery in downtown Los Angeles is a really fun event to attend. A lot of the homes and studios of this amazing arts building are open to the public. There are food trucks, people everywhere and lots to see. I highly recommend coming to check it out. I’ve been lucky to be invited to be a part of the event for the last 8 years by way of friends- come by and say hello and check out all of the amazing art!

Artwalk is October 25th and 26th 11am – 6pm
2100 North Main Street 90031
Brewery Artwalk for more details about other artists and parking info.

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