Love: Big Thanks!


Thanks to everyone that made it out to Unique Summer Market this past weekend! It was my first 2 day market in a long time and it was a big success! I got to try out a new table set up that features my pennants and my scarves. My mister and I built a rack out of copper pipe for displaying my silk scarves that I can set up on my own. Its light weight and easy to load in. At the end of a long day talking to people it’s always nice not to have to load out too many heavy things.


It looks real pretty with the scarves and made for an easy way for folks to walk up and check out the patterns. I’m still tweaking and learning the best ways to display my new goods. It’s a work in progress to figure out how to display things so that everything can be seen well!


I’m gonna take a break from the blog for the next few weeks! I’ve got some fun custom projects I’m working on as well as some other awesome things we have planned for the end of the summer. If you don’t already follow me on Instagram that’s a great way to keep up with little bits of news and projects as they progress along.

The next show you can find me at will be Eastside Handmade on September 13th. This is a *stellar* local show with amazing vendors that are all creating and making on the Eastside of Los Angeles. I’ll be there with my silk scarves, my pennants and a few prints as well as a few new things I’m working on! Hope you can come by and say hi!


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