Going: Holiday Weekends

miriamdema-summertime-fun-2014-malibuThis past weekend was a 3 day holiday weekend! Didn’t you just love it? I know I did.

I’ll be honest though, I still got in a fair amount of work. Between finishing watching a wholesale class that I’ve been studying to heading out to help with some rental business for our sound company the weekend just flew by!  We did manage to get in some fun times with bike rides by the LA River, backyard BBQ’s, fireworks viewed from downtown LA and a day trip to the Malibu shore.

While out in Malibu we stopped in for drinks and and a long hang out at the bar of Malibu Pier Restaurant & Bar. This is a recently opened restaurant at the foot of the historic Malibu Pier. They’ve completely updated the space and it’s really beautiful. Fresh, clean, modern but with a seaside California vibe. You can sit outside and enjoy the view or do like we’re often prone to do and set up camp at the bar. My fella and I enjoyed a long conversation where he helped me hash out some details on branding and product stories and then we shared a delicious dinner of lobster rolls and seafood stew. Pretty dang awesome “business meeting” if you ask me.

After dinner we used that awesome Malibu beach app to hunt down a new to us “hidden beach”. At that point the crowds had died down so we enjoyed a mostly deserted beach. My “Starry Nights” scarf was catching the wind beautifully so I took a bunch of photo’s of it blowing in the wind.

miriamdema-scarf-malibu-2014I’m also super excited to share with you all that I’ll be showing my wares at the Unique LA Summer Market on August 9 + 10. More details to come as it gets closer! It’s been a really long time since I’ve shown at Unique LA and I’m excited that I was accepted after taking a break from this show for a bit.  This will be the first place I’ll be showing my hand crafted silk scarves scarves in person and to the general public, very exciting! This will be the only Summer Market I will be doing until Artwalk at the Brewery and then the winter holiday shows. Hope to see you there, and don’t worry- I’ll remind you closer!


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