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Big, HUGE thanks to everyone that checked out my new silk scarves in the past week! I’m so thankful of all the amazing feedback, re-posting and general enthusiasm of my new work those days. I packed up the first orders and shipped them off yesterday so scarves are currently on their way to people! So exciting!!! I hope you all love them as much as I love making them.


I’m right around the corner from ordering a new batch of silk to start a whole new batch of scarves and I’m quite excited about that as well. I’m hoping to lay in a decent stock for the holiday shows that are..realistically, right around the corner! I’ll be making more of the styles I have released so if you have your eye on one but need to save up  just keep in mind I’ll have these 4 styles in stock at least through the end of 2014. My loose idea at this point is to keep 1-2 styles from year to year and then add in and swap out some new styles. I have so many fun ideas I can’t wait to explore on textiles!

I’m also hoping to release one more art print for 2014 and start work on some other textile projects for 2015. Yes, I may be building a hand printed empire over here. Me and a squeegee, let’s do this!

I’ve been making a lot of effort to learn new things about working with textiles – from materials, sourcing, actual production to finishing. I just keep pestering my very nice friends and learning as I go. Part of the new direction of my current work also involves learning as much as I can about dying techniques.

Earlier this year I signed up for a Indigo and Shibori workshop at the Japanese American National Museum taught by Glennis Dolce and this past weekend was the workshop!  I learned and was able to focus on a bunch of new techniques and I’m so glad I took the time out of my busy schedule to take this class. The fun thing for me was taking the time to explore a few techniques that are more time consuming or detail oriented. Glennis brought a huge selection of textiles for us to look at and had a wealth of knowledge to share about how many of them were made. The great thing about Shibori seems to be that there is something different and inspiring for each person to find in the process and techniques. While one person is drawn to the stitching techniques another (like me!) is more drawn to the folding techniques. It’s so much fun to see what catches each persons eye and the direction they take it in.


Learning a new folding technique in the photo below! Triangles and diamond oh my!

miriamdema-shibori-workshop-2014-3After the 2 day workshop was done I hung everything up at home to see it all together!  I dyed a combination of silks, cottons and linens. Each took the patterns and dye differently. I even took in a piece of already silkscreened linen to see how the indigo reacted to the screened ink. So much fun and so many new ideas floating around in my head. If you have the opportunity to take a workshop pith Glennis I really recommend it. She can be found at her website Shibori Girl Studios.


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