Love: Indigo and adventures

miriamdema-indigo-dye-2014-losangelesThis past Saturday I set aside the day to dye the remaining silk for my first large batch of silk scarves. This is the first batch of indigo I’ve mixed up on my own and I was excited and a wee bit nervous! But it all went wonderfully and I can’t wait to get screen printing on the silks. For the printed scarves I have planned I kept things a bit more simple and basic but I also took the time to do some more complicated folding and over dying techniques. I’m particularly excited about the ones dyed with black and then with indigo.

miriamdema-indigo-2014-diamondsHere’s one great big scarves I folded and dyed with the indigo. It a whopping 60″ square. I’m so happy with my ability to get that full color penetration through out the entire panel. It’s so gorge! It will soften up a bit with a little bit of washing but the pattern will stay just as crisp and graphic.

miriamdema-date-night-los-angeles-2014In between all of that work in the studio my mister and I got up to some adventures. Friday night we visited a friends new work studio in the Los Feliz hills. It was like dream land up there looking out over the whole city. Then we popped over to nearby Atwater Village for a late, late dinner at Canele after some other arts events. This was my first time dining there and it was just as delicious as I was led to believe it would be. The atmosphere was quiet and mellow, the food was amazingly seasoned and well prepared. We skipped dessert and I had completely forgotten that they are known for offering you a freshly baked Canele as you leave. It was just the most charming touch to the end of the night.

miriamdema-pccfleamarket-pasadena-2014Sunday we visited the Pasadena City College Flea Market for a bit as well.  I ended up meeting some fun new people and taking a pile of amazing inspiration images for the day. I badly wanted a few of the things above and I’m kicking myself for not asking how much that blue bowl was! There was so much good stuff to look at, sadly nothing in my budget and needs for the day…but the PCC Flea is one of my favorite things in Southern California. It’s fun to wander the isles checking out the treasures and the people!

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