Love: Big Thanks

miriamdema-patchwork-2014-springThanks to everyone who came out to Patchwork Long Beach this past Sunday! It was a fun day in the sun with lots of great vendors and fun people to talk to. Here’s a photo of my booth all set up in case you didn’t make it by. I had a fun time sharing the new pennants and ongoing prints with you!

miriamdema-dye-inprogress-2014Saturday and a bit on Monday I spent the day in the studio getting dye onto all that silk I’m working with for the series of silk scarves I’m developing. I’m really loving working with the dye and and can’t wait to add my own screen printed patterns and designs to these. The dye is a bit like how I work with the inks in screen printing which is super fun. Loose, fluid, sometimes unpredictable…I think of the designs in terms of patterns and repeats and gradient fades. Next up some indigo dye and then screen printing some of them!
miriamdema-the-unfinished-2014Late Monday afternoon the fella and I got out of the house for a afternoon bike ride and river exploration. It was a holiday weekend after all!  After riding the river trail we sleuthed across the river to find a sculptural installation called The Unfinished. If you find yourself near the LA river I really recommend checking out the link above and finding the installation. It’s very striking the way it’s dug into the asphalt and dirt right along the banks of the river.

Hope you had a fun holiday weekend as well!

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