Love: Weekends away and finished products!


Hey Friends! This past weekend my fella and I made our way up north to the bay area for a super quick trip. First off, I’m sorry we didn’t get to see as many of you as we wanted to! It was a jam packed trip. We also stayed way, way out from where a lot of you don’t happen to live. We stayed at this charming motor hotel in the Marina district called the Marina Motel. It was super charming and adorable, our room had a kitchenette! Perfect for making a cup of Four Barrel coffee in the morning before we went off on adventures.

Friday we wandered around the presidio while we waited to go see my dad at the VA hospital. He got a new knee!!! Very exciting and super awesome for him. Of course, since I’m me and I’m their daughter I knew the right answer was to sneak in a world class dim sum picnic, complete with fancy sodas. They really appreciated it as hospital food = ick.

After visiting with my folks for a bit we wandered more of the far reaches of SF. I hadn’t really had the opportunity to share this part of SF with my fella so it was super fun to go to Fort Point and climb to the top as well as clamber all over Sutro Baths telling him stores of places we used to go as kids and fun times. We had a quick opportunity to visit some friends new place they are living, also out on that side of town before we made our way down to a delicious dinner at State Bird Provisions. It was a crazy packed day!

Saturday and Sunday we went to Maker Faire in San Mateo and gawked at all the 3-D printers and fun projects people are working on. It’s always a fun time to listen to people talk about things they are excited and passionate about. I do have to say, since the last time we visited Maker Faire it has gotten even more crowded and busy. We had a good time…but I’m not sure we would go again- it’s just super hard to talk to the participants or makers since all of the booths are so mobbed. If we do happen to go again, public transportation is also a must!. We had a car since we had to meet up with a friend to get some silkscreens being passed off from another friend…but I would avoid having a car anywhere near that event in the future. I had a lot more to say about the event that is probably best left for idle conversation. We did have fun and I’m glad we went but it did remind me that it’s always useful to strive to go to new events and new places in order to see things with fresh eyes and be inspired.

I saw a great talk that focused on the history of art as portrayed through scientific illustration. Megan Prelinger, who gave the talk is writing a book about the subject. I’ll have to check it out when it comes out.  If you click on that link there is a video of her presentation, I would really recommend checking it out.  We also listened to another gentleman talk about how he was able to have access to a 3-D printed bionic hand through the assistance of the hacker community and a hacker space in France. His hope is to unify all of the people who are working on prothetic limb projects around the world so that they can share their experiences and advances and make prothetic 3D printed limbs available at a much lower cost than they have previously been available. It was very inspiring! Sunday late afternoon after some super great ramen at Ramen Dojo in San Mateo we headed back home!


Since we’ve been back at home I’ve been hard at work finishing the final details to my new batch of pennants. These new ones are made with my new supplier of felt and I’m very pleased with how they turned out! All of them are up for sale on my shop right now! I’ll also have them at Patchwork Long Beach this Sunday. I’ll be there all day enjoying the sunshine and sharing my things with you guys. Hope you can come by!!! Patchwork is a really fun show and even better, it is free to attend and free to park.


Patchwork Show – Modern Creative Festival
with local artists, crafters & designers along with artisan food, DIY craft worships and music.
Marine Stadium – Long Beach
5255 Paoli Way Long Beach 90803

11am – 5pm , free to attend and free parking!!!

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