Home: between and after

This past winter my fella and I embarked on a fun update and light remodel of our bathroom. Because we tend to fit these things in between everything else it took us a few months from start to finish. I like that we take our times with these types of projects, it means we have time to research the proper solutions and take the time to do it right the first time. I neglected to take photos of the room before we got started. But you what, no one really needs to see our kinda grimy bathroom and flaking paint. Onwards to the “between” shots!

The first stop was the local hardware store where we made a plan for what we wanted everything to look like and started buying supplies. Sometimes you just have to go for the industrial cleaners and strippers to get the job done, you know? The tile in the bathroom was in over all good shape but it needed a facelift and some serious cleaning. The walls needed painting and the floor…well, the floor had to be replaced. It was some funky 70’s linoleum. I felt like we hit a style goldmine when we both agreed that small hex time would be a good fit in the updated space.

miriamdema-bathroom-update-2014-4Here’s more shots along the way. I took the lead on the already installed tile by scraping and removing all of the old caulk and some of the grout.  One of the products I really loved using was a cleaner called “Mold Armor” Instant Mold & Mildew Stain Remover. This stuff was toxic! I applied it wearing a mask and eye protection and the instructions recommend that you leave the room for 15 minutes to let it work. Actually the directions tell you to under no circumstances stay in the room! But man, this stuff kicked some serious butt when it came to old mold and mildew stains. After everything was clean and looking way better I reapplied some grout and all of the caulk. I learned just how tricky it is to get a perfect bead with caulk! Then we got to work painting everything a fresh bright white color. and spoiler alert, there’s the new toilet we had to get. Unfortunately, our previously working just fine toilet wasn’t gonna go back in so late one night after we got the new tile installed we made a dash to the ‘depot and picked out this beauty. I chose it just because it had smooth sides for easy cleaning. It also worked nicely in our slightly mid century, slightly modern design.  Oh yeah, and a cocktail to keep us motivated!

miriamdema-bathroom-update-2014-1The new tile going in! The mister took the lead on that, thank goodness. He scraped out all of the old stuff, put down a primer layer and got to work on the tedious process of cutting and placing all of the tile. Apparently this tile was kinda a pain to cut. We have lots of edges, none of them are square and all of the little tiles had to be cut and labeled for installation. But he did it! There are so many steps to tiling a floor, many days when things have to wait and dry before you can go on to the next step. For the new tile we chose a matte white hex tile that we ordered from a local tile company Foothill Tile. The have a store in Pasadena and also recently opened a location right near us in LaCanada. They were a pleasure to work with, I highly recommend! We ordered the tile to our measurements and later we went back to get a 2 inch border tile, also in a matte white.

miriamdema-bathroom-update-2014-2Midway through all of this we also decided that we needed a bit more storage in the bathroom. A trip to Ikea resulted in the best glamour cabinet a girl could ask for! Since we live in a tiny house I never thought there would be the opportunity for a ladies vanity type space. This cabinet fits the bill quite perfectly with our limited space.  All of my lotions and potions and makeup live in here now. It’s mirrored on all of the insides and outsides. I love standing at it and putting on my makeup and doing my hair. Bonus, since we painted the room bright white it’s much brighter and all of the mirrors reflect that bright light all around.

miriamdema-bathroom-update-2014-3Here’s some shots of the bathroom all put back together! In some ways it really was just an “update” but because of the floor and the toilet replacement it certainly veered into “remodel” I know, I know…is there really a difference? Probably not, but I like to maintain that “remodels” involve changes in the walls. Yep, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.  As you can see we kept the original wall tile and fixtures. We really didn’t want to “gut” the room, we just wanted to freshen it up and make it more comfortable and useful.  Our house is an old 1940’s one room hunting cabin that has been expanded and added to a bit over the years. It’s a funky little house but we love the original touches in the tile and colors.  I love, love, love the new hex tile and the bright space it creates. It was a really fun project to work on with my fella and we learned a ton as we did it. Soon, the kitchen! Can’t wait!


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