Love: Showing and Sharing Art

Big thanks to everyone that came out to Artwalk at The Brewery this past weekend! It was a crazy busy weekend and super fun to share all of my recent work with you. Here are some pics from the weekend.
miriamdema-artwalk-spring-2014-5I set up a wall of my work as well as a table area with smaller prints,  it’s always fun to curate my work and hang it together. I’m still in l-o-v-e with the Falcon Skull print in the middle.

miriamdema-artwalk-spring-2014-3The big red roll up door of Theory Labs. It’s impossibly hard to believe it but I’ve been showing my work in this space for 9 years! I was welcomed into the space in the Fall of 2006 and I’ve been showing twice a year ever since. That’s 16 Artwalks! I swear it’s really gone by in a flash. As always I’m thankful our friends who live here and who continue to welcome and allow us to show in the space every Artwalk.

miriamdema-artwalk-spring-2014-2Our friends the Capgun Holdups came by on Sunday afternoon and played an awesome set while people shopped and hung out.

miriamdema-artwalk-spring-2014-4I very briefly got out of Theory Labs for a bit on Saturday and Sunday to run and visit a few other awesome friends studios at The Brewery. The big downside to showing is the lack of opportunity to wander around and visit with people. Every year I say I’m going to pay someone to stand near my work and pretend to be me but I never quite get around to it. Instead I chased off to visit friends Teale Hathaway, Rhandi Hokett, recent Bay Area transplant to Los Angeles Salt Clothing and picked up some yummy smelling stuff from Level Naturals in quick little visits or right before Artwalk opened at 11am.

miriamdema-artwalk-spring-2014-1Here are a few of the editions that closed out at this show and are no longer available for purchase. A few others are getting dangerously low and I sold quite a few of the new 2013/2014 editions which is always fun.  Thanks to everyone that came by and enjoyed another great Artwalk with us. See you in the fall if not before then!!

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