love: oysters

I love oysters.

I love them raw on the half shell and grilled with sauce. I love their salty, mineral flavor. I was taught how to shuck an oyster from a pretty young age and ever since then I’ve considered an oyster knife to be pretty important to any kitchen and I often have one in my picnic set,  just in case!   A friend even described me recently as an “oyster seeking missile” which is pretty funny. But it’s true, short of wiping out my pocket book- if there is a raw bar somewhere nearby I’ll usually be at it ordering oysters.

Originally our plan for the last day of Craftcation was to drive back to Los Angeles and get the ladies on the mega bus back to Oakland. A change of plans allowed for them to drive home from Ventura with one of the ladies husbands, so much easier than the mega bus. Early Sunday morning as we were packing up we decided a seaside lunch time picnic would provide a perfect closing to the weekend!

A seaside picnic at The Jolly Oyster no less.  The Jolly Oyster is a food truck at the beach that sells their oysters that they farm in Baja as well as some other prepared things. They’ll shuck the oysters for you but you can also buy them by the dozen to shuck. I love The Jolly Oyster! If you’ve ever been to the Tomales Bay in Marin County it’s sort of like that only…warmer and with sandy beaches to walk along.


My husband drove his electric car up from our place as well to join us for the picnic, there was even a charging station at the hotel. We spread out all of the snacks we had left from the hotel room and that combined with the oysters made for a wonderful impromptu feast. We shared some final conversation about Craftcation, enjoyed sitting in the sunshine and having one final meal together. It was as Holly put it “the Luxardo cherry on my Craftcation14”

After our picnic we went for a walk along the shore. It was great to have sandy toes and do some seashell prowling after a long weekend of being near the beach but too busy to get down there and enjoy it. So long Craftcation 2014, it was grand- thanks for the learning and awesome plans we all made for the next year!

miriam dema beach walks

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