Making: Wool Felt

I’m a bit bewitched by a new material in my studio these days, wool felt. I’ve used it previously for smaller sewing projects including hats, iPad cases, drink cozies for our wedding…I’ve always loved how dense and thick it is and how you can cut it into any shape without it unraveling as fabric with a weave does.

When it comes to felt, 100% wool felt has always felt like taking it to the next level. Most of, if not all of the felt at your local craft or sewing store is acrylic and has been for decades. I even made a cool 1950’s circle skirt out acrylic craft felt when I was much younger. While it’s awesome that a lot of the acrylic felt is made out of recycled bottles but it’s kinda a weird material, it looses it shape really easy and it pills very quickly. Not so good for anything you want to really last or feel archival.

The felt I’ve been ordering and using in my recent projects is all 100% wool felt in both lighter craft weight and thicker 3mm thick industrial felt. It does not come cheap, my friends. It starts at $30 a square yard and goes up from there for the thicker 3mm industrial variety. Way up.  But it’s a dream to work with! Soft, thick, not at all scratchy but almost cozy like a really old felted blanket.

This is the first time I’ve screen printed on felt…I think. I remember seeing a documentary ages and ages ago about an artist in New York who screen prints half tone photographs on industrial felt. The images of the white ink of dark felt really stuck with me and has always been noodling at the corner of my brain.

Earlier this year I decided to branch out to some new projects and challenge myself with new materials. Plus, I’ve heard some of you are running out of wall pace to hang framed works on paper 🙂 It’s been a really fun journey and one I see continuing on with tweaks and adjustments and learning a bit as I go. For now I’m really excited to share with you the things I’ve been working on that are done and up for sale in my Etsy shop.

First up, souvenir wool pennants! Inspired by road trips, tourist attractions and my love of California I designed and printed these 2 new pennants. One in deep dark indigo with white lettered “Los Angeles” and bright turquoise tags and the second a soft gray color with black lettered “California” ink and soft natural cream tags. They are 9 tall by 20 inches wide! They would look charming on the living room wall like in the pics and even cuter in a child’s bedroom.

The palm trees in the Los Angeles pennant are from a photograph I took years ago and have also used in a few long since sold out edition prints. The bear hugging the state of California on the California pennant is an adaptation of the original illustration for the cover of the state song of California!





Also! Hand screen printed wool drink coasters! Each set come with 4 coasters and each coast is a four inch square. These are printed on thick 3mm felt in white ink on a medium gray shade and black ink on a dune sand like color.  They are perfect for protecting your coffee tables and such from hot and cold beverages. Wool is water and heat resistant so cold drinks won’t drip through and hot drinks won’t mark the finish.

The patterns on the coasters are hand drawn repeat patterns I’ve been working on. I designed the hexagon like pattern based loosely on our bathroom floor tile and the floral/chemical type symbol drawing was inspired by a tiny sketch I did a few years ago in a sketchbook. It’s fun when things come back around. I’ve got 2 more patterns in the works to print, I can’t wait to share those with you as well!





Etsy shop is here to purchase all of these! miriam dema  More pics of all the items with more details in the listings.

Also, reminder to come to the McGroarty art Fair this Saturday where I’ll have all my work to share and you can buy these in person!

Arts At Play: Exploring Abstraction Festival Art Fair!
Saturday, March 22nd. 11:00 am – 3:00 pm
Come enjoy the beauty of McGroarty’s lush grounds as you wander through and support our Arts Fair filled with works and wares from local artisans. The Border Grill Truck will be here serving up delicious treats while the Verdugo Hills High School Visual & Performing Arts Department entertain you throughout the day. Entry to this event is free!

Mcgroarty Arts Center
7570 McGroarty Terrace Tujunga CA 91042

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