Love: Ray Eames at Art Center

This past Friday night we went to Art night over in Pasadena. Held a few times a year the museums and galleries stay open late and they provide shuttle busses around town.  I love it when galleries and museums are open later. I don’t have a schedule where I can go to things in the middle of the weekday and weekends full up fast!

Our first stop after all meeting up at Lucky Baldwins for some tasty beers was to stop in at the Armory and get a map of the event.  While perusing the shows on display I noticed the Ray Eames show happening up the hill at the Art Center.  I was pretty sure I had seen a tempting reference to this show in my instagram feed at some point in the last month and so we got the car out of parking hock and headed up the hill to check out the show.  Boy, was I glad we did!  It’s a great show that shares a bit more of the relationship of Charles and Ray Eames but focusing on her projects and creative pursuits.

Alyce de Roulet Williamson Gallery
Art Center College of Design, Hillside Campus
Exhibition on view February 25—May 4, 2014

Ray Eames: In the Spotlight features letters, notes, sketches, paintings, photographs, process drawings, furniture, films and collections tracing Ray Eames’s varied interests and her interaction with key people, places and institutions.

An intimate study of Ray’s world, the exhibition concentrates on the iterative, hands-on process that the famous Charles and Ray Eames team are known for, as well as the “way-it-should-be-ness” that defined how they worked and lived. The exhibition encourages visitors to make their own connections with Ray’s work, to explore their own creativity, and to apply Eameses’ tools to their own lives.

I loved all the small bits and pieces that are part of the exhibit. Love letters, sketches, diagrams, proofs…lot’s of little details that clearly add up to a large and varied body of work. Another of my favorite part were the dresses that Ray had made as a sort of uniform. They are all very simple but made exquisitely, the show even offered one inside out so you can see the huge awesome pockets and attention to detail inside as well as out. Here are some of the pictures I took. I was head over heels for the patterns, her lettering and pretty much everything in the show. I really recommend popping up to see it!


miriamdema-ray-eames-art-center-2014-braces miriamdema-ray-eames-art-center-2014-sketches miriamdema-ray-eames-art-center-2014-notes miriamdema-ray-eames-art-center-2014-notebooks miriamdema-ray-eames-art-center-2014-carved-bird miriamdema-ray-eames-art-center-2014-shirt-buttons

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