Love: new websites!

Greetings friends, from the fabulous shiny world of my new website!

Why yes, I am quite excited.

I’ve been meaning to migrate everything and have all of it under one wordpress ‘roof’ for quite a bit now.  Last week the mister set it up for me and I did a ton of research on themes and plugins and widgets. I made some informed choices and got the rest of it set up- I chose to go with a pretty comprehensive theme with a lot built in and I’ve been happy with it so far. I’m not one for monkeying around with CSS that much and I want to be able to manage the site without asking the mister for help all the time.  I’m still working on fine tuning all of the details like captions in the galleries and some responsible things like SEO and keeping everything nice and secure.  Oh, and fine tuning the formatting on the actual posts. But for now here it is!

Just for kicks let’s look at some older versions. Yep, when we were cleaning up my site we came across a template site of mine from um…2003 maybe? Whoa, how about a flashback- so many colors! Below that is is my site from 2007 I built in dreamweaver.  I’m still ok with the over all layout of the 2007 site- it’s not terrible but I’m much happier with having everything in one place and the more simple clean look of the new site. Plus built in blogging and the option to get hacked! I mean what could be better??? I kid. Sort of.



You guys, I just totally shared my old websites. That’s trust right there, folks. You trust me to make things and I trust you not judge too hard my sins against design as I learned along the way and continue to keep learning 🙂

Obviously there’s also a blog on the new site.. Along with all 550+ posts from my old blog! I still need to adjust some layout stuff on old posts so don’t judge too much if you go clicking around back in time there as well.

There’s also a full archive of my older work and a page with featured work. The featured work page is full of artwork I’m particularly happy to share with you from recent works to older work that continue to inform the art work I’m making these days.

If you’ve been following my blog via a feed reader you’ll want to update that link to the following —>> miriamdema

I’ll keep sharing thoughts about my process, the work I’m making, our adventures and things I just love and want to share with all of you. Oh and speaking of other news- both of the prints from last week are up for sale in my Etsy shop. If you are interested in them I’ll also have them for sale at a show here in Tujunga in a few weeks and at Artwork at the Brewery in April. More details on each of those events soon!

Etsy links to new prints! Moon over Los Angeles   Falcon

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