Love: Etsy

Oh Etsy, I love your bottomless ability to indulge and provide for even my smallest most random desires. Last month I had a little bit of birthday money rattling around in my pocket and apparently some spare time. Late one night I decided I needed small gold earrings. I have lots of bigger earrings but not many small pairs (other than bakelite) that go with my vintage style dresses. I decided I wanted something whimsical and amusing and in the affordable range. Like I said, this was late night binge etsy shopping. I tend to have a cap for those sort of things.

After much prowling around and curating a selection of teeny gold tone earrings- a combination of brass and rose gold selections I settled on a 2 purchases. Because both pairs were being shipped from over seas and it was the holidays they have only recently arrived. One pair a few weeks ago and another just today. I am totally in love with both pairs and wanted to share my late night internet prowlings. The rest of the items in both shops all look really nice and based on the quality of each item I received I would order from both again. I’m only going to include the main links to the shops since things sell all the time on etsy, check the store listings for things like what I bought or the sold listings for the exact thing and send a message requesting it.

First to arrive was a pair adorable pair of rose gold snake earrings made by Rabbits Fantasy World in the Netherlands. Small curved snakes with little teeny tiny rhinestones that wink in the light, I love the tone of color of the metal and that they are reverse from each other. That’s a big, huge preference of mine- when pairs of things are mirror images of each other! The back of the earrings are equally nice, each rhinestone has a tiny hole that allows light to shine through a bit more. For $25 (with shipping!), I’m not sure how long the little rhinestones will last in the settings but they do feel very solid and secure. The rest of the shop is filled with charming pieces, skulls and animals and arrows. The earrings came packed up secure in a little box and just a few weeks after I ordered them.

The second pair to arrive was this wonderful pair of brass Raven skulls from Fox in the Box in Greece for $31(with shipping!). These are so, so great and far exceeded my expectations. They are a lovely mellow brass tone and the shaft of the post is securely attached to the back of the teeny raven skull. I haven’t taken a pic of them in my ears but check out the listings for an idea of what they look like on. To me they are wonderfully subtle, they almost look like simple diamond shapes until you look a bit closer and then, macabre! The earrings came wrapped up secure with 2 pieces of yummy Greek candy. I promptly ate the cappuccino one 🙂 I love the selection in the rest of the shop as well, again more teeny skulls, teeny animals- a flying tooth pendant and I might totally have to get the scarab earrings! So many great things.
2014-01-miriamdemaThis was a fun way to spend my birthday money and I was really impressed with both purchases. Now I’m set…until the next time I have a random idea of something fun to look for…until next time Etsy.


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