Love: Skulls!

You guys, sometimes things just aren’t quite as simple as we would like them to be, right? I did this fun project over on Instagram last month. On the 2nd of October I hung this awesome paper skeleton on our front door to celebrate the month leading up to our AWESOME trip to New Orleans. Being the Instagram junkie that I am I promptly took a pic and then decided to post a skull every day for the next 31 days.
All good and well until I decided I wanted to share all 31 of those pics with you here in my blog. annnnnnnd….it took me repeated poking at the Googles and my fella poking at the Googles till I had figured out a way to share all 31 images in one post in a semi-elegant way.  I used pic monkey and it’s close but I was hoping for a way that I could plug all 31 images into grid and they would show up with their links or maybe pop up bigger or some overly complicated but simple nonsense like that. Yep, I was hoping the cloud would do it all for me.  For free.  Sigh. (I don’t want to hear how you can do something like this in wordpress. I know. I’m working on it.)

So a.n.y.w.a.y.s here’s this awesome project I did last month. I know I should just lead with that but I wanted you to know that sometimes I feel like the internet is getting bigger and bigger with all of it’s various options and sometimes that means it’s getting harder and hard to find solutions.  I want an internet concierge for blogs and business stuff like yelp is for food- can someone get on that? Sometimes I just don’t want to poke at Photoshop- I want to do it all on my ipad and never leave the sofa. Yep, that’s my complaint for this Saturday morning. The internet is too big. Here’s 31 more skulls to fill it 🙂

2013-54-miriamdemaI took a pic every day, I tried to keep them in my immediate environment with things I own or was interacting with. Some days it was animal skulls, some days it was things in books, some days it was things I saw on my walks. One day it was my own skull at the dentist. I’m pretty sure I coulda kept going for a long time…there were still other skulls around the house. Honestly I had no idea there were so many!
2013-55-miriamdemaI really like the image a day centered around a specific theme project, I’m hoping to do more of them…maybe something for December.

Hope you had a skulltastic October!

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