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Making: In the Desert


One of the great things that happens when you go on a giant camp out with 60,000 other like minded individuals is the inspiration and ideas you get from seeing all of the amazing things that they build and put together. Coming back down the long drive home along the 395 from Reno my fella and I brainstormed, plotted and planned some awesome ideas and projects we want to work together on.

One of those projects happened this past weekend. We all get together for a camp out in the Mojave a few times a year, usually in November and in May. Since it’s the Mojave you can have “camp fires” and what better camp fire than something beautiful before it burns. We loaded up a cargo van with wood, a generator, staple gun, air compressor and headed out to the desert.

We built our burny sculpture out of the picket fencing left from our wedding reception part last year. Except for a short section we use on our property for an actual fence it had mostly just been sitting in a pile rotting away in a field. Perfect for flammable art sculptures. Our loose plan was to build a house. We pre-cut some sections and once we got it all out there it kinda went together rather magically. Friends wandered over from the main camp to help us put it together and it took a few hours or less from unload to finish. Since it only has to last a few hours until we burned it we had the luxury of building it rather haphazardly with minimal amount of reinforcement and we put it together with a staples and a staple gun.It was awesome. I even had time to chill out and stack the pile of firewood while I figured out where the fencing around the fence was going to go.

Once we we’re done we had the pleasure of sitting inside of it on a little bench and listening to the wind whistle through. The creaks and squeaks of the wood were particularly beautiful. As the light shifted over the playa towards sunset the color of the white pickets also changed a bit. Seeing it go from bright white to yellow to a rosey color was really interesting.Everyone had a chance to wander by and sit inside, in the harsh wind and bright light it was a welcome retreat in the middle of the playa.





 After sunset and the wind had settled down just a bit we loaded in the wood pile for extra burny power, set a few flares inside and watched it burn up. Because we didn’t use any additional gas or firepower it burned up a bit slower than it might have which was really nice. The wood itself went up fast once the whole thing caught fire. It was magical and beautiful and a wonderful project to be a part of.
I think I took about 200 pictures this weekend while building it, the various angles and step along the way until it was a tiny pile of ash. Big, Huge Thanks to all our Awesome Friends that inspire such amazing adventures and help us with them when we show up with a pile of wood and a plan!!!  This was so much fun, it really inspired me to make more big things or fun projects that myself and my friends get to play with.
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