Love: Eastside Handmade

I’ll be selling my prints at the upcoming sale Eastside Handmade this next Saturday August 10th. The show will be a bit later in the day 3pm-10pm to allow for a cooler night time experience.  The vendor selection at this market it really top notch. Everything I saw last time was fantastic, it made me so happy to so many amazing well crafted things being made in our part of town!

Here’s a bit of info from the website:
Eastside Handmade is a quarterly pop-up market featuring local artisans and makers. Everything at the market is handmade by Los Angeles artists and designers with an emphasis on eastside makers. The pop-up market is an arts collaboration between Eastside Handmade and Shopclass.
JUICE will be with us selling their yummy, fresh, raw, pressed, organic, juice & Flatiron Food Truck will be parked out front of SHOPCLASS to feed hungry bellies.
5215 York Blvd. 90029 

The sale also coincides with the North East Los Angeles Art Walk night. A few years ago I had a great solo show at Cafe De Leche just down the street  from Shopclass. A ton of galleries, shops and pop ups coordinate to be open that afternoon and evening with tons of people milling around. Its a great time to check out York Blvd, shop a bit, grab some dinner and walk the street. I would recommend the whole stretch between Avenue 50 and Avenue 53. One of my absolutely favorite places in Los Angles is located at Avenue 50 and York Blvd called the MorYork Gallery. If you come to Eastside Handmade I highly recommend going to MorYork as well, they usually open up around 7pm

NELA art walk night.7pm-10pm
I’m working on a few new things for the sale (as I always can’t seem to help myself!) A new print from our Joshua tree adventures and some other sweet bits. I’ll share all of that as I finish it in the next week. Hope to see you at Eastside Handmade on the 10th!
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