Love: Holiday Weekends

Did you have a 4 day weekend last weekend? It was pretty great, wasn’t it!
Oh, don’t get me wrong. I worked during quite a bit of it. I took a last minute job in downtown LA, I sent quotes to our clients, I lined up a multi day event for later in the weekend and I worked in the studio cleaning off all my silkscreens. But mostly everyone else was on vacation! What’s better than being on full tilt vacation yourself (I pretty much have to get on a plane for that to happen these days) is when the rest of the world slows down a bit. When the rest of the world takes a few days off and everyone breathes a collective sigh of BBQ’s, fireworks and backyard parties. It was pretty grand!
Since we were already downtown on Wednesday night the mister and I kicked off the holiday weekend with dinner at one of our favorite places, Bestia. Turns out, if you are there promptly at 6pm you can walk right in and score a few seats at the bar. For the rest of the evening it was slammed! Thursday we went to our local small town parade for vintage cars, floats and all the awesomeness that is a small town parade followed by a good friends annual 4th of July bash. There were delicious snacks, fireworks and tons of good friends.

Friday I just couldn’t stand how beautiful but hot out it was so after some chores like power washing my silk screens we hopped in the car and headed over to Malibu, we explored a new to us beach and stopped on the drive home at a place we enjoy wine tasting in the hills. Of course, we bought wine and some extra special port I can’t wait to try out!

Saturday I got started on what will likely become an annual tradition of making BBQ Sauce. I made a huge, huge batch last year for our wedding party and just as we were reaching our last jar both the fella and my folks were pestering me to make some more. My mom’s birthday is in a few weeks and she’s planning on roasting a whole pig, so it seemed like as good a time as any to make another batch. Because I can’t seem to do anything on a small scale, I made 14 quarts of homemade BBQ Sauce! My sauce is sweet, carmely but not too cloying. It’s perfect for grilled chicken and dipping potatoes and taste pretty great on red meat. Pretty much anytime I’ve showed up somewhere with it people have been happy campers. It also makes a nice base for adding things to, last year during the height of peach season I cooked a few jars down with half a dozen peaches for a fruity lighter sauce. It was yummers!

Saturday night while my fella was off working I met up with a girlfriend for some walking around Pasadena and some bourbon tasting. We’re grown ups like that. We both really like The Blind Donkey in downtown Pasadena, when it’s nice and chill and you can sit at the bar and peruse their amazing list of bourbons and whiskeys. We capped the evening with a lost kitten that we returned to it’s owner, it was a very exciting evening!

Sunday my fella and I wandered over to the PCC Flea Market for our monthly prowl for awesome bits. Well, I prowl and my husband mostly tags along and points out strange and entertaining things to me that make me question his sanity. It’s a thing we do. I picked up a really sweet birthday present for a good friend and another red carved Bakelite bracelet. I’m such a junkie for that plastic clack. Also a really nice hand woven piece from Chimayo New Mexico. I’ve been there, but not in years so it was fun to add a little bit of my past to my present in our home.

So yeah, mega holiday weekend with tons of galavanting around town. It was swell! As you read in there I got all my silkscreens cleared off of old images so I have a fresh start for some new art work. I have some larger prints up my sleeve that I want to get going on and a small project as well. I have a new show I’ll be selling at in early August so more info on that shortly!
Hope you had a great long weekend as well!

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