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Making: Etsy Listings and Updates

One of the things I wanted to do after I came back from Craftcation was give my Etsy store a little update. They are always adding new features and little things that make it more fun for people to shop from your store and I really wasn’t taking advantage of all that. So in between things I’ve been slowly tinkering away at it and making slight changes here and there.

I had a great handout from a quick conversation with Steph Cortes that I was able to refer back to keep me on track with the things I wanted to update. I missed her talk about Etsy shops at Craftcation but caught up with her at the round table event towards the end of the weekend.  She offered some helpful tips and ideas on how to get the most out of my store. I’ll be honest, I get overwhelmed at trying to keep up with what Google tracks on Etsy so I mainly focused on my listings, my pics and just making sure I’m still conveying the most info I can about my work. It was great to have the handout to refer back to! Even though I’ve had a store on Etsy since 2007 (whoa, 6 years!) there are still plenty of things that I could implement and get better at.

I added most of my recent prints and also some test prints that I had never had in my store before. I re-wrote some of my listings for a bit more clarity and made sure my shipping charges are still on target.  I also added some details to my ‘about’ section. Really, all things I should already have been doing and it’s always better late than never. Here’s some pics of the things I recently added for new listings!

2013-21-miriamdemaWe Have a Strategic Plan test print

2013-20-miriamdemaBear test print

2013-19-miriamdemaWhiskey Sounds Good test print2013-18-miriamdemaLos Angeles Freeway print on Canvas

Sometimes when you come back from a big event like Craftcation it feels like if you don’t do all of the ideas, like RIGHT AWAY then they won’t ever happen. But this year has been a good example at just keep on, keeping on. Keep checking back with my notes I took when I got home, keep picking a new thing from the list of ideas to work on, keep checking things off the list. Next up, (I think) tackling an aspect of my website that will take a while and not be viewable to anything but the Google. Wish me luck!

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