Love: Summertime

It’s summer time! Here in Southern California it feels like summer already and the actual first day of summer is right around the corner. Lazy days of wandering around LA and later nights of wandering around LA. That pretty much sums it up. It’s my favorite time in Los Angeles!

Ah,  big thanks to everyone that came out to Patchwork Long Beach weekend before this last, it was a great show with tons of awesome vendors and shoppers. Here’s a photo of how my booth turned out this time around! I always shift things around a little bit depending on the space and what I have to show. 2013-10-miriamdema

I had 2 tables, my print rack and a sweet shade structure my fella worked out for me with some speaker stands and a California Bear flag. I managed to stay mostly unsunburnt in the overcast Long Beach sky. Everyone was super awesome at the show including my neighbors on either side. I also managed to sneak in a few very cool trades which always makes shows fun. Note to self: jewelers like artwork, I like jewelry!

I’ve also since sold out of the “Whiskey Sounds Good” print so if you got one call yourself lucky. They went pretty fast! I’ve been listing new and relisting older prints to my Etsy shop, if there’s something you’ve liked at a recent show I’ll have them all up there shortly. I also hope to list some of my ‘one of a kind’ test prints that are 16″x20″. They are super cool combinations of layers and one of a kind! Other than that we’ve been going on bicycle rides, garage sales, making jam, enjoying the mountains and hanging out with our friends. Like I said, Summer!


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