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Making: Crafty Days

It’s been a craftacular week over here!

Last Thursday I drove down to Costa Mesa to Creative Outlet Studios to get my craft on for the Etsy Craft Party. It was co-hosted by Creative Outlet Studios and The Academy of Handmade. I’m a member of The Academy of Handmade and I was drafted into helping out for the evening, which I was happy to do! We manned the screen printing station with Mome Rath Garden and helped people get a feel for the process.

Each person got to choose a piece of fabric or sheet music and print a design on it. I grabbed some of my antique sheet music as I left the house and boy was I glad I did. A whole lot of participants ended up with a charming screen print of a red Scandinavian horse on the sheet music.

Each person got to pull the squeegee with me to see how the ink gets pushed through the screen in order to make the print. It was a lot of fun but a lot of physical work to screen print solidly for 3 hours. I wanted to make sure each person got good results so I controlled the squeegee with them as we printed, it was fascinating to see the vast differences in pressure and attention each person had for the process.

Saturday I holed up in my studio and puttered away on some leather projects. I haven’t finished anything yet so no finished pics to show you. But I started 2 different knife sheathes, drawing out the patterns, cutting the leather and getting the stitching all lined up. I really enjoy the process of putting the leather pieces together via a stitching technique so I’m gonna have to get a stitching pony. I sent my dad some links to some just yesterday so that will make the whole process easier!

Then on Sunday a friend and I headed back down to OC to participate in an all day craft day. Normally these all day events are not really my thing, since (as you can tell) I’m pretty good at getting my own ‘craft on’ juuuust fine. I was gifted 2 tickets by The Academy of Handmade (thanks!!) so we registered for sessions and off we went to er…Anaheim for the day. I signed up for demos in letterpress, embroidery, cupcake decorating and macramé and my friend took journaling instead of the embroidery.

We had a really fun time hanging out with each other for the day and we ended up with some fun crafts. While we did have fun and enjoyed the day, I do wish the instruction level in each of the demos had been a bit more thought out. I’m a very skilled maker and pick things up fairly quick, but that’s not the case with everyone. It also would have been nice if there had been hand outs to take away to practice the craft later. Most folks paid a decent amount to participate in the day and I would have expected a bit more experience in the teachers had I paid for the day. We didn’t though (pay, that is) so we had fun and enjoyed ourselves. Lunch was tasty and we met some nice folks and got to see some recent friends again!

Then on Monday night I headed over to Sherman Oaks to a Craftcation reunion with some excellent ladies. We talked about how awesome Craftcation is some more, chatted about other events, upcoming shows and plans for the summer. It was a fun time with crafty makers who sell and produce their craft professionally. I love spending time with smart excited people who are passionately making things!

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