Making: Screenprinting on Canvas

This Sunday at Patchwork in Long Beach I’ll be selling a brand new print, a limited edition of 10 Screen Print on canvas!  Recently I made an edition that has this awesome background image of the LA freeways in it. I hand cut a Rubylith stencil based on an actual map of Los Angeles. 2013-05-miriamdema As it was just begging to have it’s own print, I decided to print it on canvas! I don’t take the opportunity to print on canvas very often, it can be a bit tricky to get down enough ink with my screens (that are better for printing on paper) as well I have to stretch them so they are all ready to go on the wall- so many staples… But like, I said, it was just begging for it.

I screen printed the image in a soft gray on a natural creamy canvas. I think it would look swell in any number of rooms. The image is just abstract enough that people wonder what it is at first and it’s pretty satisfying when they figure it out. I printed just 10 of these, I’ll keep one for myself (as usual 😉 and that leaves just 9 to go out into the world! 2013-06-miriamdema2013-07-miriamdemaThey are 15×19 hand stretched on stretcher bars. You can put it directly onto the wall for a clean and modern look. annnd because I knew it was likely going to go directly on the wall without any framing I decided (upon the helpful suggestion of my good friend Holly) to gold leaf the edges. 2013-08-miriamdema2013-09-miriamdemaDetail shot of the gold leaf.
Just a hint of glam on the edges. Kinda like L.A. itself, you drive forever and forever on the freeways some days to get somewhere, it’s endless concrete sprawl…and then you come around the corner and downtown in winking at you in the distance, or the sun is setting gorgeously over the hills, or some beautiful car crawls up next to you in traffic all shiny.  It’s the little things that all add up to making this crazy place just so dang awesome.

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