Home: Love and Curtains

Lately I’ve been on a huge reorganizing kick, I’ve been moving all the things around and conspiring all of the projects. We had a garage sale last weekend that went well enough for me to score some awesome flat files on craigslist for art storage! A nice big stack of birch flat files I promptly filled up with all of my paper art stashed in various places. Now it’s all in one organized place!

I also had a fantastic idea to repurpose some of the fabric from our table runners that I made for our wedding party into curtains for our kitchen. It was a bit of reverse “Sound of Music” moment. I was sitting there drinking my coffee and thinking linen curtains would look great in our kitchen and wouldn’t it be awesome if I screen printed them. Then I remembered I had yards of already printed fabric. Love it when a fun idea comes together like that.

From this:2012-48-miriamdema

To this!IMG_3149
The funny this is our great big ol’ party was exactly 1 year ago from this past Sunday. It was an extra nice way to remember that day by measuring, cutting and sewing the fabric into new curtains. So many people came from near and far to celebrate with us for such a wonderful day!
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