Home: Studio Update

My studio is pretty much all back together after a plumbing remodel a few weeks ago. Funny, when you have to take everything apart and put it back together you end up with a pile of things that don’t go back. Hence, garage sale! and then to the Goodwill with whats left. Hooray! As much as I like puttering around thrift stores and flea markets I think I love getting rid of stuff just as much.

Here’s some pics of my new improved tidy space. We added some more shelves, cork boards and a whole additional work table! I also decided to start using my extra jars as vitrines. I have a whole bunch of mason jars and a lot more fits inside of them than I would have anticipated.2013-03-miriamdema

20130-02-miriamdemaWe live in a adorable former hunting cabin that started out as one room and all sorts of spaces have been added on over the years. I just remarked to my husband that it’s like we live in a teenier version of the Winchester Mystery House but with coyotes instead of ghosts. Taking advantage of the various small spaces as much as possible is key. This room is where I work on clean (ish) projects and store all of my making supplies and some extra costumes and vintage clothes. We have another room we use for an office/guest cottage, and a garage we use for woodworking and screen printing as well as storage. 2 creative people sharing space can often get bit tight. My husband is a musician, works with computers, likes to build things that are sometimes giant and has a tool collection that rivals my own. I’m the one who decides to randomly take up leatherwork, he’s the one who buys giant speakers for our business and it all has to somewhere in our ever shifting and expanding compound.


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