Making: Artwalk and a new print!

Just a reminder, come visit me at Artwalk at The Brewery this Saturday and Sunday! Things got extra super busy around our place with mega unexpected plumbing projects but I have finished all of the printing on a new print between water shut off days and general work busyness! I’ll prolly be finishing them off at Artwalk but hey, better late than never!

Wish me luck in finding everything as about 50% of my studio has been reshuffled to various piles around our house. We live in a teeny 1940’s former hunting cabin so piles of things pretty much means piling on top of other things. Eventually it will all go back into place with my usual filtering of old animal skeletons and dusty books not quite making the cut and being offered up to friends and the goodwill. Spring cleaning by way of home improvement projects!

Artwalk info!

Saturday April 27th and Sunday April 28th 11am-6pm

Theory Labs, 624 Moulton Ave Los Angeles 90031

The big red roll up door straight back from Barbara’s – which means you’ll either end up at our place or our friends place Umlaut House and be directed back towards us 🙂

The address for The Brewery in general is 2100 North Main Street LA 90031

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