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Artwalk at The Brewery is just around the corner! I have my usual stock of prints, some new things from this past winter and I’m trying to get a new print done to share with you all. I decided to do the transparencies for this print entirely in Rubylith. ‘Cause you know, why the heck not do something hand drawn and cut when you could use the computer and you’re kinda short on time.

Because it looks different! I swear, no really I keep telling myself that. We’ll see. I coated screens this morning to expose later and I’ll be cutting the paper as well for the print this evening. It’s a good size print, another 16×20.

I’m a big fan of this size. It’s easy, peasy to frame- it fits nicely in most homes or you can go up a size on the frame and use a 18×24 with a generous matte if you have a bigger wall area. We have this size in various prints around our teeny house in at least 4 or 5 locations. I’m prone to buying others artwork when it comes in 16×20 so I can swap it into one of the many, many frames I have.

I spent a good portion this past weekend cutting one layer of the Rubylith and then decided I hated it and spending another 6 hours rewriting the font so it looked the way i wanted, ie=hand drawn. So, I prolly should have just hand drawn it to begin with but now that it’s all said and done I’m happy I used the font Ballpark as a jumping off point but adjusted it here and there to suit my needs.


So, here’s hoping I can get it done in time!
Artwalk Info!
The Brewery Los Angeles, 2100 North Main Street Los Angeles 90031

Sat and Sun April 27 and 28 11am-6pm
I’ll be at Theory Labs like usual, big red roll up door straight back from Barbara’s


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