Love: Supplies!

I love supplies! I love all the bits that go into making something, the hammers, pliers, screens, papers, leathers…I love that stuff. I kinda have a small studio space so I have to keep my hobbies under control and try to limit those towering piles of fabric and endlessly different types of hammers. Oh, all the different kinds of hammers…
One of the sponsors of Craftcation was Kollabora, a new website where you can go to share your projects, learn how to make new projects from tutorials and buy the things you need to make a project.

One of my projects the last few weeks has been going through all the business cards I traded with other folks, as well as the postcards and awesome stuff that came in the swag bag from Craftcation (thanks guys, that bag of goodies was A-MAH-ZING!). Wouldn’t you know it, buried between beautiful cards from other makers was a postcard for Kollabora with a $10 discount code for the store on their website.

I motored right over there on the Internet and prowled around in the store till I found some great things to pick out! First up, I picked out a fun Bead Design Board. I somehow don’t already own one of these and they are super, super helpful when making a beaded necklace. It allows you to lay out all the beads in the order you want to string them and it keep them from rolling away in the progress. Then to round out my $10 I picked out some parachute cord in gray and red. I’ve seen this stuff used in bracelets but I think I’m going to use it for shoelace cord on my knee high boots. I think it will be a fun look. My package came in a matter of days, sweetly wrapped and ready for me to get making!

Kollabora was super awesome in that the coupon didn’t have a minimum purchase or require a shipping fee. So I basically got these three great things for free. Which was so swell I decided to do a little post about them and share how nice that was of them, thanks Kollabora! Go check it out if you make things and if you went to Craftcation there’s an awesome coupon in that swag bag we got!

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