Making: Print beginnings

I’ve started the work on a new series of prints! I’m excited about them and looking forward to getting underway. I’m working on the film positives and getting the details about what I’ll printing on and what the sizes will be. Often one of my greatest challenges with printmaking is getting from the “brilliant idea” stage of things through the mundane details like papers, sizes, emulsion and in order to get back to “oh, yeah- this was the awesome thing I wanted to share” stage. I think it’s why so many people tend to print on the same papers and in the same sizes over and over so they can jump over all that and get right down to making the new idea.

I also ordered a whole tube of Rubylith! It’s the red film that you can cut and draw shapes on to create a film positive. Its one of the original ways of getting an image to the screen for screen printing. I’ve spent a lot of time using so many other techniques that work really well but its also fun to get back to the hand cut line edge. It’s totally different from anything that comes from the computer. I’ve been making some hand cut stencils/silhouettes recently using print outs but the ruby black out film will allow me to create a reverse cut out. I ordered a new tub of emulsion and some cleaners last week as well so it really has been a busy week of putting everything in order for future projects.


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