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Going: Road trips

One of my favorite day trips from our place is to head up to Ventura for the day. It’s sort of like heading to Santa Cruz when I was a kid from the bay area. There is stuff to do, good food and fun things to shop for.

Our destination was something new I’d heard about, a food truck on the beach that sells fresh oysters and clams! It’s called The Jolly Oyster and it’s located out in a park right near the beach. The way they have it set up you bring all your picnic supplies and your oyster knives (though you can rent them) and you buy however many dozen oysters you want and shuck or you BBQ them right there in the picnic area. It’s a lot like going for oysters in Tomales Bay but in southern California. We got the The Jolly Special which was 4 dozen oysters for $40- we went with half kumo and half pacific. The guy even threw in a few extra kumo’s so it was certainly more than 4 dozen. Since Jim and I can pretty much shuck and eat our weight in oysters we were happy, happy campers! They also have a few sauces you can get and some charcoal, you could show up with pretty much nothing and still fashion a great picnic with what they have on hand.

We of course loaded up at Whole Foods on the way with some cheeses, bread and salads. It was a feast! Oh and one other awesome detail- it’s a park but you can drink wine and such in the picnic areas! So you don’t have to hide things or risk getting a ticket. We have a plan up our sleeve to invite a bunch of friends with us next ti


me and get the clams- our neighbor at the picnic area had made a steamed clam dish in soup that looked fantastic. Since there are grills you can cook up pretty much anything!

Before lunch we puttered around town shopping and hanging out. After lunch we did the loop up to Ojai to enjoy a little bit of curvy roads and scenery. All in all, it was a fantastic way to enjoy the new car!




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