Making: Little Houses

Here is another pic of the paper sculpture I made for the show last week at the LA Print Space at the Pacific Design Center.  I was really interested in making the houses be able to stay together with folding alone. No tape or glue. Each little house has a little pop up roof as well as a window and a door.

I cut the little houses out of my test prints that feature many of the layers in various prints I have used over the last few years. Test prints are always so interesting to me, the unexpected combinations that result from just having paper at hand in the studio can be really fun. It’s also very interesting to see how my color choices change and remain consistent. These layers are from a few years combined show how my color shades and tone are fairly similar from layer to layer . You get an over all idea of what I’m drawn to color wise and it’s neat to see so many prints all together in one little village.


“Testing It Out” 2012

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