Going: County Fair

I love the fair 🙂 I’ve been going to county fairs since I was a little kid. My folks are big fans, I’ve been to county fairs all over California and even once on vacation in Hawaii. My fella and I went out to the Los Angeles county fair this past Sunday and had such a great time. We we’re a bit nervous it was gonna be unbearably hot and while it was on the toasty side it wasn’t too bad. You have two more weekends to get out to the county fair and enjoy some of the very same things we did.2012-88-miriamdemaBEARS! I know, right. I wanted to be mad about the bears but then I was a dork and took a million pictures and almost made my husband give me money to feed the bears.2012-89-miriamdemaThen we rode the sky tram thing. It was too high for me, next time we go back to riding the shorter little kid side.2012-90-miriamdema

We had bob’s ice cream, looked at all the crazy shit for sale. I bought the most awesome owl cell phone case. We wandered gardens, bought honey, talked to strangers. Bought some art in the art building. Drank lemonade and had our photo booth picture taken, stared at all the home made jam.  It was pretty much the most fun time ever. I grew up going to the Alameda county fair pretty much every year and this is only the second time I’ve been to the Los Angeles county fair. While it’s not the same as my childhood fair – less animals, more stuff for sale it’s still pretty awesome and I enjoy that I know where things are now and can tell what changes from year to year. Go to the fair!

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