Making: New prints

Here are a few newish prints I’ve finished off recently. Pardon the snap shot quality of the photos. I’ll have better pics up on the listings when I post them in my etsy store this afternoon. The first two are re-visiting some older layers I’ve used in previous prints. Sometimes I have some room on a screen that I’m exposing so I prowl through my stack of old film positives combining and recombining them in new ways.

The first is some feathers from our table runners at our wedding party. I thought the simplicity of the feathers might look nice against the vintage music pages. Printing them in two different colors really allowed the third feather in black to pop and show the detail of the edges.

The second is an old favorite Mister Angry Owl squashed and smooshed under a Bell Jar, also from an older print. I’ll never get tired of how firm and angry he looks, even more so now that he’s jammed under a Bell Jar.




The third print above is an experiment where I was trying new things with half tone dots. I had some difficulties with this but in the end I was able to re-purpose it into a slightly different print that still conveys the general imagery- I really like the way the cables wrap around the arms.

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