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A few weeks ago I popped up to the bay to visit some friends, have good times and see the Gaultier show before it closed at the DeYoung Museum. I am so glad I got to see that show, it was fantastic.2012-73-miriamdema

I flew up on a Tuesday-Thursday because I have the best husboss ever and my good friend that I was staying with has her ‘weekend’ mid week since she works retail. We settled in for some coffee and catching up before we tackled the challenge of riding bikes. I say challenge because our great plan was for me to ride her bike (she’s like, 6 inches taller than me) and for her to ride her fella’s bike who was out of town traveling.

After some seat shuffling we took off, sadly you won’t see any ‘riding my bike and taking pictures’ from these few days as it turns out that’s only a good idea on bikes you are very, very comfortable with. After a quick turn around Lake Merrit and a short stop at a bike shop to have some brake work done on her fellas bike we met a good friend for lunch at one of Oakland great little spots, Hawker Fare. I think I’ve been to this spot on every trip north the last few times and their simple rice bowls continue to be tasty and delicious! The rest of the day was taken up with a fantastic ‘ladies trip’ to Sephora, spice shopping wherein I bought all of the spices at Oaktown Spice Shop, cocktails with another great friend, late night snacks at Boot&Shoe and the best bike riding around in a long while.

I love where we live in Los Angeles, living above the smog, in the mountains- but when I visit other places I am reminded at just how awesome it can be to stumble out of your house for an urban adventure. ‘Course I really, really don’t miss the 3am screaming from the streets or the complicated nature of doing simple things like laundry or buying groceries that are too big to fit in your messenger bag.  So, it’s great for visits I suppose.


Wednesday bright and early we headed into the city to make our way across to the DeYoung Museum. I was a bit nervous with the hills to get out to Golden Gate Park but Holly took huge amounts of pity on me and we rode ‘the wiggle’ which makes for a super low hill, very riding friendly way to get out to the park. When I used to ride to the park there were not such friendly bike lanes so you would pretty much just hump it up and over whatever hill was nearest to you. On a less than familiar bike though, this had me a bit concerned. Thank goodness for bike routes and also for farmers markets you can stop at on the way for yummy rice snacks.

We got to the museum and proceeded to spend hours looking at all of the amazing clothes. The show was super crowded so I did my headphones thing to block out a bit of the chatter and really concentrate on the details and the various collections being shown.  It was great to reflect after the show with Holly how much of the clothing directly influenced things we’ve worn over the years. I could see so many details that inspired the outlandish things I’ve worn since I was 15/16 years old. I remembered a particular pair of black platforms with mirrors on them I begged my mom to let me get (she did and I wore the heck out of them) that were totally inspired by his gothy leather pieces and Holly could specifically remember being inspired by the Russian peasant looks he put together one year. Seeing it all in one place from year to year, it was almost startling how many of the details I’ve incorporated in my own wardrobe over the years. Part of that is because he’s being inspired by the very same things that we find interesting as romantic edgy fashion nerds but part of it it his ability to pick up on certain details and expand them to fill a collection, a fully developed thought.



 That was only a few of the details I loved or stared at forever! After that we needed a palate cleanser so some bike riding was in order, a stop at the Goodwill where we bought a slew of amazing vintage belts (not kidding, we each scored like 4 each!) and then Ice Cream soda’s at The Ice Cream Bar in Cole Valley. This place was so great btw, amazing interesting fancy ice cream sodas. I totally recommend you check it out.2012-77-miriamdema

The next day was full of chill. While Holly puttered about the house getting things in order for an upcoming trip starting the next day I still had one more ‘vacation’ day. So I biked over to Alameda, had a late sushi lunch with a friend at Kai’s- one of my all time favorite places to eat in Alameda. It’s not fancy, just super mellow with fresh stuff and great prices. We did some more thrifting and shopping and just generally enjoyed being out in the sunshine. Alameda is one of my favorite places to just wander around. If you get bored with shopping you can go over to the shore and sink your toes into the sand and stare out at the water.  It was a great day! I went to some old favorites, thrift stores I like to keep extra secret, yummy snacks I’ve been going to since I used to live nearby.

 I rode back to the house in time to pack all my treasures back into an extra bag, hop on the bart and take my plane back home! I used to call the bay area home but every time I leave Los Angeles and then come back is every time I feel like Los Angeles is all of my home. I love seeing it all from the air, seeing where I live, where friends live, how the river and the I-5 wind their way through the middle if it. Seeing the coast with all of it’s lights twinkling in the distance. The mountains, real mountains as far as you can see to the desert, the water stretching out in the opposite direction. It’s so big that even from the plane window you can’t see all of it.
I’ve shared with a few friends that the last few trips to the bay area have been super fun and awesome. The feeling of my heart hurting when I have to leave has faded. I used to wonder if I would ever feel that way about somewhere else and now, I do. So hey, Los Angeles, thanks for becoming home 🙂
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