Home: Elderflower


A few weeks ago my mom was sitting in our yard staring up at the hillside and she mentioned in passing “you know those are Elderflower trees, right?”  Of course I did not because I mean really, how many people can spot a tree on a hillside hundreds of yards away and tell you what it is.

The trees were confirmed to be Elderflower or rather Elderberry. To be added to the many other growing things on our property that make for brewing up something interesting in the kitchen. Last week I trekked up the hillside and picked a bowl full of blossoms.  I carefully pulled the ends of the blossoms from the stems and put them in 2 separate jars. I covered each batch with boiling hot water and left it to steep overnight. In the morning I made one batch of Elderflower cordial and used the other batch of Elderflower water to add to a great big batch of stone fruit jam. the delicate floral note of the blossoms really shines through in both the cordial and in the jam.

I may get back up on the hill to pick the berries when those ripen up to make a batch of jam. Or maybe some wine!

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