Love: Party times

We’ve been having a blast around these parts and I have some photos and stories to share with you. In case you missed it, we spent this past weekend throwing a heck of a wedding party for ourselves! We came up with a super chill, super fun, super filled with amazing food party to celebrate our marriage with all our friends and we had it at our place! The week started on Wednesday with most of our family coming into town. They arrived via carpool, train and bus!

We got up super early (4am!) Wednesday to meet my fellas mom at the train station and took her out for breakfast. Then we all went back to our place to wait for the rentals to arrive. Tables and chairs and lighting rigs and staging oh my! At some point that day my family arrived with my dads new bbq he recently completed. A great big beast of a thing made out of an old propane tank. It’s a real beaut! After a quick break the fella went off to work the night shift and I went to pick up a good friend coming into town.


4AM Train Station 2012-43-miriamdema

Thursday more family arrived  and we started putting all the furniture for the party in place, working on projects and had the family over see everything. There was much chasing around town, sharing all the awesome things that make Los Angeles great and trying not to cram too much in before the big party.

Friday, 4 of us got up early to go to the Los Angeles flower mart to buy flowers to make table arrangements. It was so much fun! It’s a kick to see what’s there, put together an idea of what you want and then buy a whole lot of it! I kicked them all out of the car to get coffee and managed to snap one pic of the rear of the car crammed full of flowers. After the flower market we went back to make some last minute food, danced around the kitchen and had a blast. More family arrived for a big ol’ family dinner friday night of smoked turkey tacos! We love to invite all our nearby friends over for dinner to hang out and have fun, it was awesome to have family over that came from far and wide. A few friends and I stayed up late arranging the flowers friday night because the next day was gonna be a blur!2012-44-miriamdema


Holly and the giant batch of Maple Butter

2012-46-miriamdemaFamily Dinner


Late night flower arranging.

I was so busy this weekend having so much fun that I kinda forgot to take a lot of photos. It’s ok though, I’d rather be living the times than documenting it. I have so many amazing memories of the people that helped, the fun times. Next up, the day of the party!

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