Making: Progressive

Back to some printmaking for a moment here. I made this print a few months ago. It’s 16×20, 4 layers with two different gradient fades. I printed the background layer first, a full HUGE 14×18 coat of ink. I mean, it’s not huge but it is pretty tricky to pull that much ink and not have big giant messes of ink everywhere. When you have that much ink on the screen things can go horribly wrong.  After I had the background done I printed the bullets, then the starburst, then the text.


A close up of the two different fades! The background is purpleish to blue and the expansion starburst is a deep lime green to forest. 2012-39-miriamdema

 This print was pretty fun for me because it used a few different drawings that I made a while ago. Sometimes when I’m at a loss for what to make or how to inspire myself I assign myself drawing assignments and these two drawings were part of one of those from a few years ago. I had printouts of the drawings in one of my sketchbooks that I kept moving from one book to the next waiting for the right time to combine them into a new print. The text and bullets are from a gunsmithing book and I’m not really sure right now what book the starburst might have been inspired from.

It’s interesting sometimes how things putter around in your creative brain until everything comes together to give it a new combination in a new way.

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