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Love: Wedding party

Then we had a party and it was fantastic!2012-48-miriamdemaWe set great big long tables with flower arrangements, table runners I hand screen printed, vintage abalone shells with tea lights in them and a napkin with a hand made heart button for each person to take home. The stage and yard was decorated with streamers and picket fencing! 2012-49-miriamdemaJim hung long ropes of lights through the sky for me. It was a pretty awesome thing, I really wanted to use long cafe lights and after much discussion we figured out how to do it without it being impossibly hard or expensive. It was absolutely beautiful when the sun when down.

My dad cooked up all the meat in his awesome new bbq that he made. 80 pounds of brisket, 60 pounds of sausage and a slew of eggplant.He started that day at 5am getting the fire going and cooked all day!
 People came, they got a drink, they hung out with awesome friends on vintage quilts and rocking chairs.

2012-51-miriamdemaIt was hot so some clung to the great big shade of our pine trees.


The drink menu at the bar. everyone got a mason jar with a label to put their name on and their choice of beverage. Paper straws made for fun sipping! Everyone agreed that the labels on the jars served awesome double duty of name tags so folks who didn’t know each other could easily be friends!2012-54-miriamdemaHolly and Kristina. Two lovely ladies and dear friends who helped so much!2012-55-miriamdema Jim King! my fella.2012-56-miriamdema

The food line! All our friends and family pitched in and helped serve all the amazing food.


A typical plate of yummy deliciousness!  We had a food menu just like the drink menu for folks to see what was offered.

Home smoked Brisket smoked by my dad
Lockford Smoked Sausage from Lockford Ca
Home made Greek Salad made by my grandmother Dema, my cousin Dan and Aunt Mary
Corsica Deli Potato Salad from down the street in Sunland
Home made Baked Beans made by my dad
Grilled Eggplant by my dad
Home made BBQ sauce made by yours truly
Corn Chedder Muffins made by Back Door Bakery in Sunland
Whipped Maple Butter made by Miriam and Holly

Wow! It was all so delicious! I’m so proud and happy to have served such a great meal of local and homemade food to all our friends!2012-58-miriamdema


Friends enjoying the band and rocking chairs. Our friends from The Mojo Monkies played an awesome set for everyone to enjoy! As the sun set, the lights came on and it got even prettier. All our friends milled about enjoying all the great drinks and each others company. Many of our friends wore cowboy boots which helped with clambering over the rocks in our yard and was super fun to see all the styles.

Dessert was served while the band played. Homemade cookies and cakes from Lark Bakery! I had little bags to send people home with cookies so they could enjoy the yummy cake.

It really was a great day! and everything they say is true. well, not everything, just some stuff about wedding parties. It goes by so fast!!! I really tried to slow down the day of the party and just enjoy everything. What I enjoyed most was how much so many of our friends and family helped out. I had no idea that would happen but they just showed up and pitched in where ever they could. We did so much ahead of time that it was pretty easy to hand things off and just have fun.

I did get to eat my own plate of food and it was great! People came over to me while I was eating and visited and those are some of my favorite memories of that night.

I also really appreciated when our friends and family got everything they needed for a bit and shooe’d my fella and me into the house to shower and change.  We had a few minutes to catch up, chill out for a second and get dressed in our wedding outfits.

Another great thing that worked out well, pay people to do things for you when ever possible.  We wanted to throw a fun DIY home made party because that’s how we normally do things but we know that when you have more than 100 people everything gets a bit more complicated. So we decided to divide up some of the things and only make and do the things we thought would be extra fun. So we paid folks to work the bar, we hired a valet service to park all the cars and we bought some of the food made locally. It lightened the load and made everything we did want to do way more fun.

One more bit, if you are gonna make a slew of stuff the way I did try to think if it’s something you want to have around after the party. I have left over bbq sauce for future parties, beautiful streamers that line the ceiling of my studio now, long ropes of lights to use in other parts of our yard, rocking chairs that are going to my folks great big porch, extra wine I know we won’t mind get the picture. We did things that we love, that make us happy and are things we won’t mind having. Weddings can get a bit goofy, it’s a good thing to remember if you’re thinking of throwing a great big ol’ party. Do what you like.

It was a fantastic day! and all the days surrounding it were amazing! We had another family dinner on Sunday to visit with friends and family and a few more days after that of visiting and fun.

Thank you so much to everyone that came, that helped and everyone who had fun at our party. You made it the best party Jim and I could have hoped for!

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