Making: Screen Printing Yardage

Yep yardage!2012-35-miriamdema

Ever wonder how something super long gets screen printed? Well, it typically involves a super long table. Recently I wanted to screen print some yardage for a part of the decorations at our wedding party. I bought 22 yards of 60inch wide linen fabric and tore it down into 18inches by 22 yards lengths. But 22 yards long is still real long!

We figured we could pull all of our tables from storage and those combined with our extra big outdoor table would prolly be enough. ok, we had to buy 2 tables…but strangely that’s all we had to buy. Owning an audio company where every package and dj rig goes out with a table is helpful for random craft projects!

My fella set up all the tables to be as level as can be and that combined with a few tricks- laying out a paper layer behind the fabric and thin cardboard over every crack between the tables gave us really great results. I was able to bust through the printing part of the project in a day.

It was such a huge project I think I just wanted to be done with it so I buckled down and printed all day! Good thing too because it rained the very next day and the tables and paper would have gotten all wet if left out.


It looks kinda easy there but you have to stagger your layers and create marks as to where each screen will be moved to when you print next. and you have to print without clamps or registration, just hold real firm and try to get a good impression. i’m really happy with the way these turned out and i can’t wait to use them at our party in May and for future parties!

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