Love: Party, party, party!

Whoo, it’s fun putting together a great big ol’ party. The fella and I are celebrating our marriage next month with a great big fun party that I’ve been puttering away at. We all know I love craft projects and I love to plan so it’s been super fun.

So that accounts for the radio silence around the blog parts, I’ve been buying stuff, folding stuff, drawing stuff, making stuff, canning stuff and planning up a storm. I normally blog about the stuff I make as I make it but I want all the fun details to be a surprise for our guests so it’s mum’s the word on blog posts for a bit.

I have a print that I made last month that I need to share better pics of with you and share a bit about the process to make it but darn it if I keep forgetting to get the print out in the sun to take pics of it. Instead I’m thinking about fancy cakes and if pie is a good idea for desert as well… Don’t worry, the answer is yes.

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