Love: Hearts Away

A little project to share with you. I’m a junkie for cute sweet sweaters, anything with a bit of vintage flair and i’m a goner. a few weeks ago I got inspired to put red felt heart patches on a black sweater of mine. I’ve had this sweater for a few years and it seemed like the perfect canidate for a little bit of updating.

I cut the red hearts out of wool felt and had a friend help place them over my elbows. I used a blanket stitch and shiny white embroidery thread I had on-hand to stitch around the entire hearts every 1/4 inch. It turned out a bit tricky on this particular sweater as the sleeves are 3/4 which made for the elbow patches being very close to the cuffs. I moved them up a tiny bit but it still looks super cute. I kinda had to restrain myself from adding elbow patches to all my sweaters and jackets.

  I wore the sweater the other day with a big white T and my shiny gold cowboy boots.

The last few weeks in the studio have been full of sorting and tidying, the new year always makes me want to start fresh so I sorted all my shelves and bins and took a few loads of stuff to the goodwill!

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